Monday, December 13, 2010

Final Reflections Paper

As I sit and think about where I will go from here, I feel like I have made great progress in making a decision.  I am truly grateful that I took this class.  It has helped me open up in ways I otherwise might not have, at least not for a while. I am almost certain that I am going to go into Culinary Arts.  I will be working on getting my Associates.  Hopefully I am able to get a lot under my belt before we leave with the Military.  I have had a bit of a hard time along the course of this class for a few reasons.  I decided to start school because it just felt like the next step for me in life.  I am not looking to start a career in anything right now.  I am a very happy mother of three boys and really enjoy being able to be at home with them.  So as we have searched careers and looked into job related things I have had a bit of a hard time putting myself there.  I understand that this will be a great benefit for me to learn about these things.  I am happy that I have.  I am so glad that I have had to push myself out of my comfort zone and try new things, or things that I would not have done without this class.   I enjoyed taking the Interest Tests in chapter 5.  This really helped me understand myself better and what I am interested in.  I think I have lost so much of who I am and what I enjoy, as being a mother it has become all about my children and that they enjoy and what makes them happy.
 As a take a look ahead on my schooling, I plan to get on the wait list with the Culinary Arts department.  After reviewing what is needed to get my degree in this I plan to do the following:
This coming Spring I will be taking one less class than this past semester.  I felt a little too overloaded.  I am taking classes that will count towards my generals, Math, Health and a PE class.  I will be taking the summer off.  Fall 2011 I will continue working on my gen Ed.  I am looking at taking a full 12 credits.  Most likely in English, Behavioral Science, Culinary Math, and start on the development skills of cooking.  At this point things will be a bit up in the air being that my husband will Commission with the Military as an Officer and we will be receiving orders.  If we do not get sent right away I will start the spring semester and take Biology, Humanities, and more of the core classes for Culinary Arts.  By the time this semester is over I know we will be leaving Utah.  With there being no known information on where we will be going it makes it especially difficult to plan the remainder of my schooling.  I am hoping to be able to find a school that offers the program and finish with my Associates at that point.  I will probably take a year off and be with family as I plan to have more children by this point.  I would then like to return to school for my Bachelor’s.

Goal Sheet

Short Term Goals – accomplish in next 6 months

1.    Get on the waiting list for the Culinary Arts program
2.    Stay on top of all of my assignments and turn in all assignments on time.
3.    Maintain grades of a C or better.
4.    Start doing hair again.
5.    Start a healthy work out regiment.

Mid Term Goals – accomplish in 1-5 years

1.    Take all of the necessary classes for Culinary Arts.
2.    Graduate with my Associates in Culinary Arts.
3.    Start planning when to go back to school for my Bachelor’s degree.
4.    Start a part time job in one of the industries I have a degree in, either as a Hair Stylist or in Culinary Arts.
5.    Maintain good strong healthy relationships with friends and family, we will have moved with the Military by this point.

STAR Stories

1.    Give an example of what teamwork means to you.

At my previous job I was placed on a board with a few of my co-workers.  We were assigned a group project on upselling.  There were several in the group who wanted to divide the work up and each take a part then meet back up to put all of it together.  I suggested that we work on the project as a whole after all we were placed in a group to work together.  We were able to work as a group and come up with a great upsell program for our call center.  It was very successful and we all felt it was so successful because we worked as a team to accomplish our goal.

2.    Give me an example of a major challenge that you faced, and how you went about addressing the problem, and how it turned out.

One of the most major problems I have faced was going through a divorce.  I was a stay at home mom with two boys.  After my divorce I had to find work after several years of little jobs here or there but nothing steady or long term.  I started by making a resume as best I could and posted it on many job search engines.  After just a little bit of searching I came across a job that sounded like a perfect match for me.  I applied and was called the following day.  I went to the interview trying my hardest to come across very confident and comfortable even though I know my knees were shaking.  It was a panel interview which was even scarier.  I left feeling really good about it and was called for a second interview.  This went amazingly well and I was hired within the week.  I worked for the company for three years and just recently quit to go to school and be home with my kids.

3.    Describe a past goal and how you achieved it.

When I was attending hair school I became pregnant with my second son and was not due to graduate until after he was to be born.  I set the goal to put in more hours and try to graduate before he was born.  I talked to my instructors and they gave me the approval to come during other hours to obtain my hours needed for graduation.  I started putting in eight hour days verses the four hour days I was attending before.  This was very difficult due to the fact that I had a two year old and I was very sick with my pregnancies.  I did my best to attend at least six hours and in the end I was able to finish six days before I had my baby.

Decision Making Model

Choose a goal

What are my other options?

Collect as much valuable information as possible.

Possible consequences, or outcome for the goal.

Put my plan into action.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Assessment Reviews


For this assignment, you will use the results from your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Strong Interest Inventory (SII) assessments to determine some particular occupations and majors to research.

MBTI Report

1.         List your reported type. (Example: ESTJ)
2.         According to your report, what are some of the characteristics that best describe your personality type?
Interested in people and new experiences.  Get a lot of fun out of life.  Make decisions using personal feelings rather than logical thinking.
3.         Refer to the list of the 50 most popular occupations page or go to                                   Read the list of occupations, circle the ones that you would like to explore, and list them below.
Restaurant host/hostess, Receptionist, Food Prep worker, Cashier, Personal home care aide, Medical/dental assistant, Nurse’s aide, and Cook
4.         How do you believe the occupations you have chosen to explore fit with your personality preferences?  Explain how these occupations allow you to work in your preferred work environment.
I am a person that enjoys working with others and helping others.  All of these would fit with who I am and
not go against any of my values.

SII Report        

1.         List your general occupational theme code. (Example EAS)
2.         List your 5 Basic Interests Scales and determine what type of interest they represent from the following: vocational, educational, leisure activities, personal interest. (Examples might include: religion-personal interest, teaching-leisure, healthcare-vocational)
Culinary Arts-personal and vocational  Teaching & Education-educational  Healthcare services-vocational
Counseling & Helping-personal/vocational  Office Management-educational
3.         Refer to pages 5, 6, and 7 of your SII profile.  Look at all the occupational scales you scored highest in (generally 40 or above), or that have a combination of your theme code.  List the occupations from the scales that you might like to research.
Special Ed Teacher, Food Service Manager, Elementary School Teacher, Restaurant Manager, HR
4.         For the following questions refer to Personal Style Scales on page 8 of your SII profile.

A.         Look at your “Work Style” rating.  What does your score suggest to you in relation to the occupations you listed above?
I prefer to work with others, I enjoy helping others, and I am outgoing.

            B.         Look at your “Learning Environment” rating.  How do the educational requirements of the occupations you listed fit with your interest to pursue additional training?
I prefer short term training, and learn by doing.  I think it is pretty good with what I
picked.  Some will take more time than others but its ok. 
C.         Look at your “Leadership Style” rating.  How do these occupations fit your personal style?
I had to laugh here….  I am not comfortable taking charge of others and I picked three management ones. So for those not so great but the others I think match up pretty good.
D.         Look at your “Risk Taking/Adventure” rating.  Explain how the occupations do or do not match your risk taking style.
I do not like to take risks but I do not feel like any of these would be too risky for my personality and ability.

5.          What college majors are suggested for your theme code that you find interesting?
Counseling, Creative Writing, Photography
6.              Of your top 10 occupations, list 3 you are most interested in and the educational
       preparation required for each.
Food Service Manager-AA or BA in hospitality management preferred.
Special Education Teacher-BA or MA, plus teaching certificate
Elementary School Teacher-BA or MA, plus teaching certificate

Occupations not listed on MBTI or SII

1.         List any occupations you are interested in that were not listed on your MBTI or SII reports.
There are not really any that I can think of.

Meet with a Career Counselor at CACC

1.         Make an appointment to review your assessment reports with a career counselor in Career and Academic Counseling (LC402 or contact by phone: 801-863-8425).

2.  List any comments or suggestions made by the counselor regarding selection of a career or major and/or your assessment results.
      Given my personality she suggested that I for sure keep going to school but maybe do it at a slower pace.
      She said there is no need to rush.  I told her that I was really considering doing Culinary Arts; she agreed
      that I would probably fit well in that area.

3.        Write the name of the counselor you met with and the date of your appointment.

Name:  Nancy Plagge                   Date:  Tuesday Nov. 9th

Tempting Ten

Culinary Arts

1.      Pastry Chef
2.      Executive Chef
3.      Sous Chef
4.      Head Chef/Cook
5.      Line Cook
6.      Cooking Assistant
7.      Executive Chef, Hotel
8.      Caterer
9.      Restaurant Manager
10.  General Manager, Restaurant

Teaching and Education

1.      Cosmetology Instructor
2.      School Counselor
3.      Special Education Teacher
4.      Rehabilitation Counselor
5.      Elementary School Teacher
6.      College Instructor
7.      School Administrator
8.      University Professor
9.      Corporate Trainer
10.  Daycare Instructor

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Job Shadow Experience

I did my job shadow with my sister, Jamie Baker.  She is a Service Center Advisory Agent for MACU in West Jordan Utah.  Here are the questions I asked her while doing the job shadow.

v  What is your job like on a typical day?
My days are very busy with a wide range of topics, from issues to loans.  The problems I face deal with Member financial issues, unauthorized transactions, fees, refunds on fees and complaints.
v  How did this type of work interest you and how did you get started?
I had just left my previous company after 9 years and was really just looking for something different and full time.  I had heard good things about this company and thought I would apply.  I interviewed and was hired they trained me and I started working.

v  What do you like most about this company?
The thing I like most about the company would be the employee recognition.  I have great benefits and receive constant positive feedback.  I truly feel that this is the best job I have ever had!

v  Why do customers choose this company?
It is a Credit Union and non-profit.  We work for the members offering a lot more opportunity with lower rates, and higher returns.  Lower fees and more products for free.

v  Are you optimistic about the company's future and your future with the company?
Yes.  I feel very secure on my position the company treats me like I am truly an asset.  I do work hard and I do as much as possible so they continue to view me as such.  The company is very open as to where we are financially with the way the economy is.  They do not hide things, I am sure to some degree they are candy coated a bit, more to avoid employee panic.  Things are always talked about in meeting and we even have a member board meeting to that our members know where we stand as well.  They are a very open and honest company.

v  What are the skills that are most important for a position in this field?
I would say that the most important skill would be listening.  Being sympathetic and understanding are very important.  It is important to also know the products and what is in the best interest of the customer.

v  How would you describe the working atmosphere and the people with whom you work?
It is very professional, with high standards set.  There are a lot of really intelligent people that work here.  It is a very enjoyable place to work.

v  Is there flexibility related to dress, work hours, vacation schedule, place of residence, etc.?
Absolutely, I guess it can depend on what you are willing to give they are willing to return.  I personally would never ask for the day after a holiday a Monday or a Friday, off of work due to these being such busy days, but if something came up and I wanted to take Wednesday and Thursday off, I would just talk to my manager and arrange it without and problems.  I earn PTO every two weeks and I receive paid holidays.  I do have a set schedule.  I am required to wear business attire and Fridays are our business casual days and we are able to wear jeans but we still have to wear MACU clothing.  They do give us a yearly credit to use towards our MACU clothing.

I really enjoyed doing this job shadow.  It did remind me a lot of my previous job working in customer service.  I have thought about getting a part time job at a bank and this really helped me see another side of things.  Although I can’t say for certain that I would want to go into this industry for a long term commitment, it was neat.  My sister really enjoys what she does, I have heard for years how much she loves it and it was nice to see her in action!  I do love working with the public and would be happy most anywhere I am helping others.